Why is it so difficult to get a
buttered roll in a bagel shop?

It's all about Communicating

My local bakery cannot seem to get my coffee or roll just the way I ordered it! It’s not that they’re busy, it’s because the people behind the counter are not “listening” properly.
Poor listening skills lose customers every day. Countless hours and money is wasted because of communication problems. How ironic, that something as basic as listening to a customer is often overlooked in a fortune 500 company or at your local bagel shop!

Your team deserves the sales and communication training they need to properly represent your company in the marketplace. They are your eyes and ears and reflect the company anytime they are in front of one of your customers or clients!

Communication is the key to understanding


We are a creative, innovative company that offers a training program directly focused on your specific needs. We make sure that your sales team is given the nuts and bolts skills necessary to bring in new business, service existing accounts, while also selling your clients additional products and services.

Know your customers needs!

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A little bit about me, Ed "Russ" Pickhardt

I am a communication specialist and sales trainer.

I have been in sales for over thirty years:

  • Initially as an area sales rep covering New Jersey and New England
  • As an account executive traveling nationally to key accounts
  • The eastern regional manager for a fortune 500 company
  • Managing field sales people throughout the east coast
  • Responsible for sales training and product training of sales reps
Russ Pickhardt

"It is always a pleasure to have someone like yourself - knowledgeable in all aspects of communication skills - impart your knowledge…"

-Edward Grande, Director of training, New Concepts For Living

What We Do


Engage & Interact

We will present an overview on good and poor communication skills, for your outside sales people, your inside sales team or the office staff. We will touch on the importance not only of communication with the client, but internal communication within the business itself; which is an imperative factor in running your company efficiently.

Some things that will be covered:
  • Where employees feel communication or sales problems exist
  • What is their opinion as to the solution?
  • Verbal communication
  • Non-verbal communication - body language, facial expressions, posture

Get Your Team Involved

While managing a territory, there are many things a sales person must keep in mind. The following are just some of the major issues that will be covered in a seminar or training class:

  • Does your sales team feel that their customers are currently being serviced as efficiently and thoroughly as possible?
  • Are they regularly presenting new products and services to them?
  • Do they thank their customers for their business?
  • How much of their day is devoted to prospecting for new business?
  • A professional sales person is always striving to build solid business relationships with his or her accounts. Is this being done?

Watch & Critique

With sales teams, we will begin one step at a time to build our sales person. We will do this with interaction between the sales group and the trainer! We will prepare the sales person to make sales calls.

Some things that will be covered:
  • Identifying your prospect: who will you call on in the company? Does he or she make the decisions?
  • Pre-planning your day makes all the difference in the world – get organized.
  • Are you believable when you make your presentation? Remember, you are selling YOU first.
  • Listening to your prospect just might get you his business. What are your customer’s needs?

What We Don't Do


Put your team to sleep

Our training is interactive—in other words, we will practice role playing! Each person will take turns being the buyer and the seller. Each trainee will "critique" the other’s presentation as well as learn how to plan an efficient day of sales calls.

Some things that will be covered:
  • How do you see yourself as a sales person?
  • Do you have all the product knowledge needed to make a thorough sales call?
  • Why did you go into sales?
  • How are you different than the other "sales guy?"

Remember... Nothing happens until you sell something!

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